IYOKI® Pro Switch Cover for Philips Hue Dimmer V2, 2-Gang

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Our Pro range is our slimmest solution and is a must have if you are looking for the most integrated solution on the market. It’s a no compromise solution for those who want the best. Two installation options mean you have the choice of either covering a flush mounted UK or European switch, or replacing the switch entirely – it’s completely up to you.

Compatible with most UK and European light switches up to 9mm in depth and 86mm width/height.

Cover your switches for a clean look
Let's be honest… having Hue accessories stuck right next to your light switches looks pretty ugly and can be a nightmare to explain to guests, right?  We think so anyway, that’s why we designed these super sleek covers that ensure your walls stay clean and that your mains lights stay hidden from guests - and your awesome Hue scenes always available.

Cover your original switches or replace them entirely. The choice is yours.
An innovative design means you have the choice of installation options. You can either keep access to your light switch by covering it or for the ultimate integration you can replace it entirely (requires hard-wiring the light circuit permanently on).

It’s a match.
Your Hue accessory and our Pro switch covers go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the classy white matt finish to the strong magnetic connection – it’s like they were always meant to be together.

Compatible with most flush-mounted UK and European light switches.
Our unique two-piece design fits most light switches under 86mm width/height and less than 9mm deep.

With a full range of matching covers for all your Hue accessories.
Whether you prefer the clean look of single a button or the dual functionality of two dimmers side-by-side, we offer a range of covers to suit all accessories and configurations. Say no to cluttered walls and mismatched switches for good!

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Size: 10.6cm x 9.4cm x 1.3cm (H x W x D)
Material: ABS
Finish: Matt White
Light switch access: Yes – When fitted over a slim/flush light switch
No – When fitted as a switch replacement
Mounting method: Backplate slides behind switch. Cover clips onto backplate.

1x Switch Cover
1x Universal Backplate
IYOKI® Pro Switch Cover for Philips Hue Dimmer V2, 2-Gang
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